Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery in Nice

Redonner au regard son éclat

It is the earliest request in the context of facial rejuvenation. The objective for Dr Philippe Kestemont, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic medicine in Nice is to correct: an excess of skin, a hernia of fatty pockets or a loss of volume and projection of the eyelids giving an aspect of hollow eye.

On the quality of this eyelid surgery will depend the restoration of the “radiance of the eyes” which gives the face a light! It is essential to remain conservative and only remove a moderate amount of skin and fat to keep a “full” look, witnessing the youthful aspect of the eyes. This is what Doctor Philippe Kestemont, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Nice, proposes by practising cosmetic surgery of the Face and Neck in Nice.

La chirurgie esthétique de la paupière supérieure

This will be done by Doctor Philippe Kestemont, cosmetic surgery of the face and neck in Nice, using a fine incision hidden in the palpebral crease. It should remain almost invisible once the eye is open after the removal of the threads.

This cosmetic surgery poses few problems as a rule and allows a rapid resumption of social life with a real feeling of “well-being”, a feeling of openness and lightness of the eyes. Combined with Botox, it allows a very complete rejuvenation of the upper face.

La chirurgie esthétique de la paupière inférieure

This is a more sophisticated and complex aesthetic surgery, proposed by Doctor Philippe Kestemont, specialist in aesthetic surgery of the face and neck in Nice. Here too, a small amount of skin and fat is removed, but the healing of this fine incision hidden under the eyelashes can lead to changes in the shape of the eyelid giving the dreaded round eye appearance.

It is therefore essential to master all the techniques of lower blepharoplasty to know how to “prevent and correct” these possible problems. For example, this scar can be avoided to extract fatty pockets by passing through the inner side of the eyelid, excluding any risk of round eye.

BEFORE AND AFTER EYE REJUVENATION Cosmetic surgery of the eyelids in Nice

To know

An ophthalmological assessment is necessary before any eyelid surgery. As with any surgical procedure, it must be performed in a surgical clinic, even with a local or locoregional anaesthetic. The correction of dark circles is not always ensured by surgery because the problems of bluish coloration require additional medical techniques.

The combination of Botox and Hyaluronic acid injections with eyelid surgery has produced results as spectacular for the upper face as the heavy techniques of frontotemporal facelifts.

Doctor Philippe Kestemont, practices aesthetic surgery and aesthetic medicine of the face and neck in his office in Nice, at the Saint George aesthetic clinic located in Nice.