Face and neck aesthetic surgery in Nice

Dr. Philippe Kestmont, Face and neck surgeon in Nice offers you different types of facelift

The term “lift” is often erroneously only associated with the general treatment of facial wrinkles, which is not entirely accurate. There are in fact several distinct types of lift according to the particular zone of the face concerned. The feature common to all is the treatment of the slackening of the facial tissue (including the eyelids and neck). Tightening these “fallen” areas will have a positive effect on certain wrinkles but generally speaking will not improve wrinkles around the eyes, nose or lips (please refer to Aesthetic Medical Enhancements).


This technique corresponds to the treatment of the lateral region of the eyebrow. Classically associated with Botox, it allows for the repositioning of the drooping eyebrow with a mini-incision hidden in the hair, sometimes with the help of video surgery.


Aging of the “skin envelope” is characterized by thinner, wrinkled skin in the area of the facial openings such as the eyes, nose or mouth. The fat in the face migrates away from these openings to the jowls (thus breaking the line of the oval of the face) and under the chin (giving the classic double chin).

This applies to women and men…


Today these practices are reserved for reconstructive surgery after accidents or malformations.

The current trend is to combine simpler techniques with injectables such as Botox and Hyaluronic acids…

This is what Dr. Philippe Kestemont, Face and Neck Surgeon and injection specialist, proposes.


This technique will correct the contours and volumes of the face. This lifting technique that “protects the skin” allows for longer lasting, more natural results, with shorter scars and therefore much simpler post-operative follow-up.

The resumption of social life should be possible partially during the first week and totally after 15 days of care.

This type of facelift is performed by Dr. Philippe Kestemont, a specialist in cosmetic surgery of the face and neck.

BEFORE AND AFTER FACE AND NECK LIFTING Cosmetic surgery on face and neck in Nice


The maintenance of a facelift is systematic to keep the benefit of the intervention. Medical techniques such as injectables, lasers, peels and mesotherapy all have their place and will be proposed according to the type of skin and aging.

Even if simplified, a facelift is a surgical procedure that should be performed in an accredited surgical clinic offering optimal medical safety conditions. Complications of facelifts are specific to each technique and each type of patient and must be systematically discussed with the surgeon.

Doctor Philippe Kestemont, practises aesthetic surgery, aesthetic medicine of the Face and Neck in Nice and welcomes you in his office located at the Saint George aesthetic clinic in Nice.