Médecine esthétique – Botox

LE BOTOX Médecine esthétique à Nice

La Toxine Botulique est un médicament utilisé en médecine depuis plus de 35 ans.

Ses applications dans le domaine de l’esthétique du visage datent de plus de 15 ans, ce qui permet à la communauté médicale de réunir plusieurs centaines de milliers de patients injectés.

Malgré tout, il demeure un sentiment de nouvelle technique qui inquiète certaines personnes mal informées. Le Docteur Philippe Kestemont, spécialiste de la médecine esthétique Nice, pratique les injections de botox pourra vous conseiller au mieux dans son cabinet situé à la clinique esthétique Saint George située à Nice.

Médecine esthétique à Nice

spécialiste chirurgie esthétique de la Face et du Cou

A savoir

Whereas in fact, different forms of BOTOX® like BOTOX original®, VISTABEL, XEOMIN and others yet to be on the market have been screened by the French National Drug Agency AFSSAPS and the European Drug Agency. They have all been granted authorizations to be prescribed for different debilitating illnesses and have produced quite spectacular results, notably in neurology.
Doses used in cosmetic treatments are much lower than habitual medical doses. As such, there are no serious adverse reactions indicated in the treatment of wrinkles using BOTOX®, nor any allergic reactions to date and great results.

The main purpose of this treatment is not to paralyse facial expression muscles but to reduce their tone (hypotonia). This leads to an impressive reduction of wrinkles whilst still maintaining movement and facial expressions.

Sessions take place 2 to 3 times a year, whilst simply seated at the doctor or surgeons’ surgery and are performed by practitioners with specific know-how of facial and neck anatomy.

For sensitive patients, an anaesthetic cream can be applied before injecting to ensure a pain-free session.