Over time or depending on individual skin quality, fine lines and age spots may tarnish facial features. The LED light therapy proposed by Dr Kestemont is designed to provide long-lasting and effective treatment of these kinds of undesirable changes to the skin.
LED light therapy offers a real aesthetic anti-aging solution.


LED light treatment is safe and painless. The low heat emitting light poses no risk and exposing the skin to sunlight is still permitted.

It is important to note that the earlier skin is treated with LED light, the better the results. Indeed, the quality and quantity of the collagen produced naturally will decrease over time. Dr Kestemont provides LED light therapy that rejuvenates the skin right into the deeper layers and triggers the natural production of collagen.


LED light therapy can help to combat the effects of time and provide long-lasting results. It is an aesthetic enhancement solution that goes hand-in-hand with other anti-aging treatments such as hyaluronic acid and BOTOX® injections, mesotherapy, chemical peels and PRP therapy all of which are available options with Dr Kestemont in Nice.

Before any LED light therapy is undertaken, Dr Kestemont first makes a thorough examination of the individual patient’s skin and facial features. This enables him to determine the best treatment to follow and ensure the most effective and durable results.

During the treatment (lasting about 20 minutes), Dr Kestemont uses a LED light source on a totally clean (no make-up) face, concentrating on the areas that need to be treated.

The low heat-emitting LED light enables uniform irradiation of the skin, improving age spots, fine lines and facial redness.

LED light therapy stimulates the production of collagen and tissue oxygenation: the skin is firmer, softer and more toned.

LED light treatment facilitates the gradual, consistent and deep rehydration of the skin. There is a significant and visible improvement in skin quality.

With LED light therapy, the skin positively glows and has more tone.


To achieve optimal results, 5 to 10 sessions of LED light treatment spaced over 1-2 weeks are recommended. Then a monthly maintenance session is advisable.